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IFM Easy Gate Sensor (Germany)

Eifemen Electronics is engaged in R&D and production in Germany and the United States. The company's administrative and sales management is located in Eisen, Ruhr, Germany, and the sales branch offices are all over the world's important regions and countries. In 1969, EFector, a new brand product developed by EFector, was founded at the end of 1969, and now has 51 years of history. Since its establishment, they have been expanding and growing continuously.

We provide products and systems for all industries involving industrial automation. Instead of off-the-shelf solutions, customers get solutions in a product range of position sensors, flow sensors, communication and control systems, and security technology areas specifically adapted to the requirements of the industry.

As a second generation family-run firm, Eifemen is headquartered in Essen, Germany, and its R&D and production base is located on the edge of Lake Constance in Titnam, an industrial town closely linked to Germany. Germany's Eifomen manufactures 88% of its 7,844 products here.

The company has more than 450 employees engaged in research and development work here, and works closely with a number of research institutions, universities, startups, has obtained more than 580 patents, about 440 valid patents and patent applications and future-oriented innovative product solutions. These results provide a strong guarantee for all products.

Outstanding FEATURES: The position sensor, flow sensor, communication and control system, security technology and other product range solutions are specifically adapted according to the requirements of the customer industry.

The slogan of Yi Fu Men is -- to evolve towards the established goal. It is worth mentioning that Yi Fu men is not pursuing the development of technical feasibility, but rational development in line with the interests of customers.

On this basis, EFemon uses Efemon's technology to produce a scheme that is in line with technical and economic interests. An EXTREMELY COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT LINE IS AN IMPORTANT STRENGTH OF EFMAN, WHICH NOT ONLY COVERS STANDARD SOLUTIONS, BUT also satisfy the specific requirements of individual industries. ​Remarkably, in 1969, the family-owned firm developed an inductive proximity sensor based on thin-film technology.

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